According to Forbes, Rolex is one of the most powerful brands in the world (63rd most powerful to be exact). Rolex has position themselves as one of the most widely recognized brands in the world. It has positioned itself to be synonymous with luxury and success. Rolex was founded in the early 1900s and has been responsible for some major achievements in the world of horology. In 1910, Rolex received the first ever “Chronometer” ranking, showing its achievement in accuracy and precision. Today, all Rolex watches are chronometer certified. Rolex also introduced the first ladies chronometer certified watch, as well as the first water proof watch. In addition to these achievements, Rolex was also the first brand to introduce an anti-magnetic watch and the first watch with a rotating bezel. Because Rolex has accomplished so much throughout its history, people associate Rolex watches with wealth and success.

Who Buys Rolex Watches? Why Do People Buy Rolex?
People buy Rolex watches for several different reasons. The brand’s history and tradition appeal to many people. They have a long history that is full of achievements, such as the history of the Rolex Air King watch.

Others buy Rolex watches because of the qualities that are associated with the brand name “Rolex.” The brand “Rolex” brings to mind success, money, prestige, all of which many watch enthusiasts would also like to be associated.

Many people buy a Rolex watch to commemorate an event or celebrate a victory or achievement. Another reason people buy Rolex watches is because they hold their value well. This can be attributed to several things. Because Rolex has such a strong brand name, that allows the watches to hold their value better than many other luxury watch brands.

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Another reason why Rolex watches hold their value is because they are extremely high quality. Rolex watch movements can still work properly and keep accurate time several decades after they were introduced. Next, Rolex does is not constantly releasing new models. Instead, they just offer updated versions of previous models. As a result, most Rolex watch models are still being produced (just an edited version), allowing them to hold their value. Obviously, Rolex does introduce new models occasionally, like it’s most recent Rolex Sky-Dweller. But many brands introduce a new watch model every year or two, while new models from Rolex are very seldom.

Image from Montre24.

Image from Montre24.

Other people buy Rolex watches as a great first watch to their watch collection. Vintage Rolex watches can be purchased for an affordable price (comparatively speaking), are still in great condition, and it can be a watch that is still similar to today’s brand new models, since Rolex introduces updated versions of existing watches, instead of completely brand new designs.

When a Rolex owner hits another stage in life or achieves a major accomplishment at work, there is a good chance they will want to buy another Rolex to commemorate the occasion. Oftentimes, they will want to replace their current Rolex watch with another one, forcing them to sell their watch or to trade it in. When selling a Rolex watch, it is important to sell to someone who is experienced and familiar with the Rolex brand.


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