Founded in 1860 in Florence, Italy, Officine Panerai has a rich history that was born in the middle of the Renaissance. Panerai introduced the first dive watch and patented many other features, such as the crown guard and the luminous markings, which were originally filled with radium.

Since the early 1900s, Panerai has been the official provider of precision instruments to the Italian Navy. The brand initially created tools solely for the Navy and not for the general public. In 1935, the first dive watch was made by Rolex for Panerai, further rooting the brand’s history in the seas. Panerai watches had many features that made these watches desirable and useful to the navy. It’s large black dial is simple and features large, luminescent hour markers that are very easy to read. Panerai also created the crown-protecting lever bridge, which allowed the brand to create the first underwater military watch. This crown-guard prevents the crown from getting caught and accidentally ripped from the watch. Furthering its passion of the sea, Panerai rebuilt the Eilean, a ship that was originally built in 1936. After 40,000 hours of restoration, Panerai was able to return the ship to the sea in 2009. Obviously, Panerai’s history is very rooted in the seas.

The man that buys a Panerai watch will receive a classic dive watch. Many avid divers prefer a Panerai watch over other dive watches because of its simplicity. It doesn’t have anything cluttering the dial or a large rotating bezel. Its protected crown prevents the crown from catching on a shirt sleeve or wet suit and getting pulled out. Because Panerai introduced its first dive watch in 1936, the brand has had several decades to perfect its design.

Because of its simple design, the person that buys a Panerai watch will have a watch that will look great under a suit or is extremely useful when diving. The buyer that is interested in purchasing a Panerai is most likely a minimalist who is looking for a watch with a strong brand name and a modest design. Because of their minimalist designs, many of the Panerai watches have a vintage look to them that appeal to many watch enthusiasts. The iconic cushion shaped case gives the watch a sleek and austere design. Panerai watches can be purchased with no extra functions, or with many functions, just depending on the intended use of the watch. The black dial features luminescent Arabic numerals and can also include a small second’s dial, date window, power reserve, and several other features. Also, most Panerai watches come with two straps, one rubber and one leather. Each strap gives the watch a completely different look, which is great if one is wearing the watch for many different occasions.

Panerai Luminor Marina 005


The man that buys a Panerai watch must be ready to wear a statement piece. Considering most Panerai watches don’t come in anything smaller than a 44mm diameter, the watch will certainly grab attention. The Panerai wearer must be confident enough to wear a large timepiece, like the celebrities who wear Panerai watches.

Like most high-end luxury watch brands, Panerai has a distinct style and design. Each watch brand has a very passionate group of enthusiasts and the Panerai have named themselves the “Paneristis.” Panerai owners often like to trade in their current model so that they can purchase a newer model. Crown & Caliber buys Panerai watches or we can help Panerai owners sell their watch through our Consignment process. You can even submit to receive a quote on the value to sell your Panerai watch.

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