You Will Be Amazed at The Difference A New Watch Strap Can Make


Sometimes, luxury watch owners get bored with the look of their watch and wearing the exact same watch every single day. They think that the best solution is to sell their watch and purchase a new watch. However, there is a much simpler and less expensive fix to this problem: change the watch strap! Changing the strap on a watch can completely change the look of it and make it feel like it is a whole new watch. We conducted an experiment where we took three very different watches and replaced the original bracelet with a leather HODINKEE strap. As you will notice, these watches look incredibly different once the leather strap is fitted onto the watch. To purchase one of the HODINKEE watch straps, click here.

The original strap on this Zodiac watch was a blue leather strap. After replacing it with a HODINKEE leather strap, it looks completely different.

Hodinkee Strap

Zodiac watch with leather strap

watch with leather strap

This IWC Pilot Mark XVI had a steel band fitted onto the steel case. We replaced the steel band with this leather HODINKEE strap and it looks like a completely different watch!

IWC Hodinkee Strap

This Rolex GMT-Master ref. 1675 originally had a two-tone band that was fitted to its Root Beer bezel. Whether you like the new appearance or not, you cannot deny that this Hodinkee leather strap gives this Rolex watch a whole new look.
Rolex Two-Tone Band

Rolex Hodinkee Strap

If a leather strap is not your style, there are several different kinds of watch straps that you can purchase. You can purchase a NATO strap like this black woven nylon strap. NATO straps range from $15 -$25, significantly cheaper than purchasing a new luxury watch.

Nato Strap

Image from

Or, if your watch could use a pop of color, you could purchase a NATO strap like this red and black diving strap. These fabric straps are perfect if you plan to use your watch when diving or doing anything else that might call for a durable strap.

Red and Black Nato

Image from

Another option would be an animal skin strap, such as alligator or ostrich. While NATO straps give the watch a sporty, athletic look, animal skin straps give a watch a sleek look.


Image from

Changing the strap on a luxury watch its a great fix if you are getting tired of the way your watch looks. Whether your watch originally has a stainless steel band, two-tone band, or a leather band, changing it out for another strap will give your watch a whole new makeover. Replacing our watch bands with this HODINKEE leather band made a remarkable difference! If you are thinking of spending a lot of money on a new watch, replacing the bracelet will definitely change your mind. Instead of buying a new watch, you can just change out the strap! It will feel like you have a completely new watch, without the price tag of a new watch!

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