With the changing of the leaves and the cooling of the air, summer has once again come to a close. While we will all miss swimming and camping it is time to start thinking of family gatherings full of holiday spirit. To go with the changing of the season comes a change in wardrobe. No longer does a dive watch on a bracelet or a fun Swatch feel like the right watch for the occasion. Now is the time to bring out the leather straps, the watch you wear to the company Christmas party, and maybe that ugly watch your in-laws bought you years ago that they love to see you wear because as a watch person they “knew you would love it”. For your own collection and fall inspiration, here are some watches that should brighten up your day.



Omega Grey Side of the Moon 311.

Omega Grey Side of the Moon 311. – “Moon Shadow, Moon Shadow” -Cat Stevens

While the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is a near perfect watch, sometimes it is nice to change it up and try another one of the million variations Omega has given us over the years. The Grey Side of the Moon is perfect for the cool fall weather. It comes with a matching grey leather band and ceramic case that give the watch a lighter than expected feel. The light grey dial is meant to invoke the look of moondust on the dial while adding some nice texture. All of this comes together to create a beautiful watch that goes flawlessly with the greying weather without leaving you feeling down.



Vacheron Constantin Fiftysix 4000E/000A-B548 40 MM


Vacheron Fiftysix Day-Date 4400E/000A-B437  – “Yea yeah, ain’t life grand” – Woody Guthrie

Fall is when the family gatherings start, the company parties and community events, from Halloween until the end of the year. This is when we want to bring out the really nice watches in our collection, those that we bought for ourselves but like when they’re noticed by others, watches like the Vacheron Constantin Fiftysix Day-Date.  There is a reason Vacheron Constantin is considered one of the best watch brands in the world. The brand has been around since 1755 and has always been at the high end of watch finishing and complications. The newer Fiftysix line brings forth this history, continuing the Geneva Seal certified movement and case finishing, but at a lower price by offering watches in steel in addition to the typical precious metal. The Fiftysix Date-Date shows off a little of the complicated side of Vacheron Constantin and all the high-level finishing. It will get noticed for its looks but will not stand out to the point of feeling gaudy or showy – perfect for the company party or family get-together. The steel case of the Fiftysix Day-Date also allows it to be dressed down and used as an everyday watch, making sure you get the most out of your investment.



Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso


Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Duo Q3848420 – “Flip it and reverse it” -Missy Elliott

Why choose just one watch? The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Duo has a watch face on the front and on the back. JLC’s classic yet innovative Reverso case makes it is easy to change your mind. You can choose the traditional white face with sub second, or the black face with a 24-hour indicator, both with a beautiful guilloché pattern. We do tend to visit family or go on vacation during fall. The Reverso Duo is a GMT with each dial able to track its own time zone, so setting the time as one is travelling is as easy as flipping the dial. The Reverso is also one of the first watches ever made specifically for polo players. This duality of being a sports watch but having a dressier appearance caters to the modern watch lover, allowing the Reverso to look at home trick-or-treating or at Thanksgiving dinner.



Nomos Autobahn


Nomos Autobahn –“We drive, drive, drive on the Autobahn” -Kraftwerk

For some the new season means a chance to get away and see the leaves change color. Getting in a car and heading to the Northeast, driving into the mountains to see the wonders of nature as it prepares for winter is the perfect way to enjoy this time of year. The freedom an automobile offers is an idea lamented in song and art since its invention. Nomos brings the car to the wrist in its Autobahn with a dial designed to look like a speedometer gauge. It is named after the famous German highways that have no government mandated speed limit. With its tribute to the fastest highways and the gauge used to keep motorists in check, the Nomos Autobahn is perfect for those fall drives, whether you get a chance to do some leaf admiring or not.



Grand Seiko Soko SBGA429


Grand Seiko Soko SBGA429 – “To every season (turn, turn, turn)” -The Byrds

The Grand Seiko Soko SBGA429 is part of the Seasons collection from Grand Seiko. Each watch in this collection symbolizes one of the four seasons. The Soko represents fall with its dial paying tribute to the first frost of the season that arrives in late autumn, specifically in the Arashiyama forest near Kyoto. With the vertical grains representing the bamboo, the grey tone is meant to give the feel of the encroaching winter, and the light green hands the last of the green that defiantly remains. This is the spirit of Grand Seiko. They want a watch to have a deeper meaning rather than just be aesthetically pleasing. They want it to represent a part of the natural world that we live in. Helping to make the transition between seasons smoother, Grand Seiko was thoughtful enough to include both a bracelet and leather strap with the Soko. If you are looking for a watch that embodies fall, look no further than this one.



Cartier Tank


Cartier Tank – “If your life is dull and dreary…Spend Grand or two at Cartier” -Elton John

This Cartier Tank is a safe choice to include in practically any watch list for any occasion. No other watch has survived over 100 years of changing styles. The first prototypes were given to General Pershing of the American Expeditionary Force in WW1. It was subsequently worn by Duke Ellington, Ingrid Bergman, Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Muhammad Ali, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Princess Diana, Mick Jagger, and Michelle Obama to name a few. It works for all occasions, daily wear or casual, dressed up or dressed down, to the grocery store or to the theater. A watch this versatile should be included in every list if for no other reason than to remind you of its existence. As the leaves change and the weather gets colder, we may need a little memento on our wrists of what we enjoyed during the summer and can still enjoy in the fall and winter, and it will be our companion as spring comes around again. The Cartier Tank is not just a watch for fall, but a watch for all seasons.

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