The Big Game 2018

Football fans rejoice—the big game is finally upon us! This Sunday, the New England Patriots will take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the match up of the year. As you might already know, the Patriots have dominated the NFL for the past fifteen years. This is under the leadership of head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady. However, there a few fun facts you may not know about the two teams that are about to go head-to-head.

While the Patriots have won the Super Bowl five times in the past fifteen years, the Pittsburgh Steelers actually hold the record for most Super Bowl wins with six championships. The Eagles have made two Super Bowl appearances in the past but have yet to claim a victory. One of those two appearances was in 2005 against none other than the Patriots. It’s also worth noting that the MVP of that game was not Tom Brady but instead wide receiver Deion Branch and that Paul McCartney performed at the half-time show.

Halftime Show History

A year prior, the Patriots took on the Carolina Panthers in the infamous 2004 Super Bowl game where Justin Timberlake took the stage with Janet Jackson, who incurred an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. And this year, Justin Timberlake is back for redemption.

You may be wondering why we’re unearthing all this history between the upcoming Super Bowl participants and half-time performers. The answer leads us back to watches. Forget what happens on stage or on the field, what we care about is what’s on their wrists. And among some of the top athletes and performers, there are some pretty cool watches to talk about.

Tom Brady and Tag Heuer

Tom Brady has been an ambassador for TAG Heuer since 2015. You can most often find him sporting a Carrera 01. However, during a press conference for the 2017 Super Bowl game between the Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, Brady was spotted with the brand’s new smartwatch, the TAG Heuer Connected. Later in 2017, the all-star quarterback co-designed his first watch with TAG Heuer. It’s the Tom Brady Special Edition Heuer 012 Chronograph. The model features a blue and red, Patriots-inspired color scheme and a subdial with Brady’s jersey number, twelve. It was produced in a limited quantity of only 466 pieces.  This honors Brady’s record-breaking total passing yards in the Patriot’s last Super Bowl win over the Falcons.

Big Game

A gold, Day-Date President similar to Justin Timberlake’s

Justin Timberlake and Rolex

Justin Timberlake may not be a brand ambassador (yet), but he is a watch guy—more specifically, a Rolex guy—and even more specifically, a Rolex guy with fine taste. You can spot the ten-time Grammy award-winning artist wearing none other than an 18-karat yellow gold Rolex Day-Date 40 President. This particular variation of the iconic Rolex model debuted in 2015. The 40mm case houses the brand’s Caliber 3255 automatic mechanical movement.

And although he performed at the big game in the past, we’d be remiss not to look at what’s on the wrist of Sir Paul McCartney, who took the stage the last time the Patriots and Eagles matched up in the Super Bowl. McCartney is a Patek man. He’s typically found wearing a Patek Philippe Aquanaut, Ref. 5167/A with a rubber strap.

No matter who you’re rooting for this Super Bowl Sunday, be sure to keep an eye out during the game, halftime show, and press conferences for what the players, coaches, and performers are wearing on their wrists. You might just spot Timberlake’s shiny gold Rolex or even another cool watch we may have missed.

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