Watch Stories Winner: dchannay

To celebrate the awesome book A Man and His Watch by Matt Hranek, we asked our Crown & Caliber community for their own watch stories. To us, watches are more than just timepieces. They each have a history and are connected to special moments throughout life. Sometimes they connect us to people, while other times they are the reminder of grand historical moments. And just like the watches themselves, every story is different and we read so many incredible ones. The one from @dchannay  about his Breitling was our winner, and we guarantee it won’t disappoint, but get your tissues ready…



My Father’s Watch: Five years ago, we started to notice a change in my father. He wasn’t his usual robust self. Looked thin. Less energetic. He was eventually diagnosed with myleofibrosis, a rare type of bone marrow cancer. We watched, as a man who was over six feet and around 200 pounds, waste away to 115. As heartbreaking as all his challenges were, he never stopped fighting, and never lost faith. Stubborn. And full of love for his family. He passed in February. This is his watch. Dad joined the Army after college and the ROTC, and spent a year in Vietnam, rising to 1st Lieutenant. He left behind a wife and baby, and thankfully returned a year later. He went on to raise four of us, have a successful career, and a number of interests, including auto restoration, outdoor activities, and his passion, piloting small aircraft for business and pleasure. This is his Breitling 806 Navitimer from 1970, which he bought new, and used as a navigation tool, as intended. He put the watch on a Speidel Twist-O-Flex band, and probably threw away the original strap and box. He was not a watch guy. He was a tool guy. When navigation became computerized, the watch was put in a drawer, and Dad bought a black plastic digital watch. But I never forgot the watch, and all the times we went flying. I miss you Dad, and would have given anything to trade places with you. But I know I’ll see you again someday. Until then, I’ll keep part of you with me.
Thank you to everyone who shared their Watch Stories. We saw so many interesting timepieces from all over the globe, and were reminded that watches not only connect us to time, but to each other.
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