[VIDEO] Watch Stories: Stu, Just a Regular Guy

You often hear about people getting into watches thanks to family. It was their grandfather’s watch or their dad’s watch, handed down to them. And that one sentimental gift blossomed into a full-blown obsession with prestige timepieces. When it comes to watches, it’s almost a universal tale.

Stu’s story is very similar. You know, he’s a just a regular guy who loves his watches. Loves the high-minded design, loves the materials, and loves the stories that come with them. He describes his collection as an embrace of the traditional. You can absolutely tell—he has an impressive assortment of technically complex timepieces.


Stu’s watches all tell a story. The stories are what draw him most to an individual watch. They make it that much more valuable. For Stu, his collection isn’t about the brands (though all of his pieces are pristine vintage pieces with all the original parts). About his watches, Stu says it best.

“Everybody goes in wanting a Rolex or something along those lines. But I like to think I’m a little off the beaten path with my [watch] choices.”

Let’s take a look at his key timepieces.


The Watches


The anchor of Stu’s collection is his grandfather’s Apple Watch. It was gifted to him on his 18th birthday, but the watch already held a special place in the family legacy. His grandfather originally purchased it while on military leave in 1942. At the time, the Apple Watch “was a trendsetter. There was nothing like it at the time”. To hear the family story behind this one, you just have to hear him tell it.

The Apple Watch is in excellent shape after all these years—well-loved and cared for. Original aluminum case, original parts, original white rubber strap. It’s pretty amazing that it still runs as well as it did in 1942.



One of the original Android Wear watches, Stu’s Moto360 Gen1 is an excellent beater with its 46mm stainless steel construction. With such an active, social lifestyle, the Moto360 is the perfect subtle watch for everyday wear. No wonder it’s his go-to.



Interested in the full story on Stu’s watch? Watch our video on Youtube, or check it out above. Also, you can check out more Watch Stories here.


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  • Not really sure i understand the significance behind tHe “stu, regular watch guy” story. I assume it is a joke. When i Read the title i was excited to read a story about a man who inherited a classic ViNtage time piece fRom his grandfather like many of us have, but when i realized It was a Parody of my inheritance, it left a bad tasTe in my mouth. Ive always Considered ‘crown and caliber’ as a top notch high end watch site/bloG where i could find that special waTch or read an incredible artice but this, rediculous story, makes me think otherwise. Please, dont fall into the same rediculous calamity that so many feel they have to turn to to get more readers or customers. Stay what you are, a genuine top grade sIte and Blog where “we serious” collectors can come and share and enjoy Each others time pieces. Thank you.

    • We just thought we’d have a little fun for April Fool’s Day. We’re back to our regularly scheduled programming now, but wanted to say that we appreciate your regard for our content—we won’t let you down!

  • An apple watch from 1942??? Now there’s a timely question. Great april fools day !

  • April fool’s joke, I guess lol

  • 1942 Apple watch?

  • April fools. Lol!

  • April fools or what

  • I just realized its April Fool’s day. Thank you C&C.

  • WHAT??

  • Steve jobs was born in 1955 – how did his grandfAther happen To Get an apple watch in 1942?

  • Well played, folks. 🙂