Watch Pairs: One for You, One for Your Sweetheart

Love. It’s being the peanut butter to someone’s jelly. Or the cheese to someone’s macaroni. Or in our world, a watch to their winder. Whatever your favorite food or horology combo, everyone loves love. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, and that cute little cherub, we’ve put together some modern watch combos. These his and hers watch pairs are a chic way to match without being “that couple.”

Watch Pairs: Tag Heuer Link

Watch Pairs: Tag Heuer Links

The first of our watch pairs is from the Link Collection from Tag Heuer is a modern interpretation of the S/el launched in 1987. The S/el stands for “Sports and elegance” and is a creation of Eddy Schopfer. This watch is known for its bracelet, however its actually designed with function in mind. The signature double “S” shape actually makes the bracelet more comfortable.

This chronograph exudes an easy elegance and is the perfect everyday watch. Our men’s pick has a 42mm case and striking black dial. The hands and markers mirror the sleekness of the stainless steel bracelet, giving it a minimalist look. Lastly, also a day and date window at the six o’clock position on the dial.

The woman’s version of the Link is bit flashier than the men’s, but still has a similar effortless elegance. This watch features a 39mm case and fluting around the bezel. Its black dial is a striking background for the factory original diamonds featured as the hour markers and around the bezel. Like its men’s counterpart, the ladies’ Link also has a date window, but this one is at the three o’clock marker. For the sleek couple who likes to dress it up while wearing a tee – these are a perfect pairing.

Watch Pairs: Breitling Colt Automatic

Watch Pairs: Breitling Colts

The Breitling Colt Automatic’s original intention was for the armed forces. So, it has an efficient style with serious functionality. Each watch has four tabs on the dial that ensure and easy handle and extra protection for the sapphire crystal. The Colt can also have a chronometer-certified self-winding movement and is water resistant to 200 meters.

Our men’s version is a has a black dial with three white subdials. It has a stainless steel bracelet and 41mm case. This is a chronograph model with four hands, and luminous markers. It has the signature Breitling bracelet and is a strong presence on the wrist.

Our women’s pick is a smaller men’s version of the Colt. It’s a bit smaller coming in at a 38mm case. It has a beautiful blue dial, with luminous hands and markers and its tight markings give a nod to precision. This set of watches is definitely for the efficient and ambitious couple.

Watch Pairs: OMEGA Seamaster and Planet Ocean

Watch Pairs: OMEGA Seamaster and Planet Ocean

The OMEGA Seamaster and Planet Ocean models are tough watches screaming for an exploration. They are highly functional timepieces that look effortless. Designed for the adventurer, the OMEGA Seamaster borrows interprets fifty years of craftsmanship into a modern dive watch. The Planet Ocean takes modern diving a step further. It’s an innovative, but handsome timepiece.

For men, the Planet Ocean is in a deep navy with a matching bezel. It has luminous hands and markers and an orange-tipped seconds hand. The watch features a helium-release valve and 42mm titanium case. When you pick it up, it feels hefty in the hand.

For women, we picked the classic OMEGA Seamaster. This one features a black dial and matching bezel. It also has the helium-release valve, but has gorgeous curves on the fluted bezel. It’s a bit smaller than the Planet Ocean, at 41mm, but a solid watch for a woman’s wrist. This pairing is undoubtedly made for the couple on the go, looking for an adventure. 

Watch Pairs: Rolex DateJust

Watch Pairs: Rolex DateJust

Of course, we couldn’t forget the classic. The Rolex Datejust. This watch is an understated powerhouse and therefore transcends changing fashions. It is one of the most recognizable watches on the market and looks good on any wrist.

The men’s and women’s versions are almost identical. Our men’s pick is a 41mm case. It has a silver dial and luminous markers and hands with a smooth bezel and cyclops date window. The women’s version also has a smooth bezel and cyclops date window. However, the woman’s version has a white dial and silver numerals. Both watches are remarkable and can be dressed up or down. They are definitely for the classic, enduring couple.



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  • OMEGA Seamaster and Planet Ocean this watch pair is awesome the perfect watch pair and feature ARe amazing i like this watch

  • So now the 41mm seamaster pro is a woman watch?

    There is a 36mm version of this watch that’s really a woman watch.