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Watch Accessories

Watches are made to withstand the test of time. They can operate for decades or even centuries with the right attention. It’s more expensive to repair a watch than it is to maintain one. Fortunately, watch care can be as simple as putting your watch in a designated place when it’s off your wrist. Whether you’ve got a single watch that you treasure or a burgeoning collection, investing in high quality watch accessories is just one way to give back to your beloved timepieces. Check out some of our favorite accessories and why they might make a good addition to your watch collection.

Wolf Cub Watch Winder with Cover

watch accessories - single watch winder

A watch winder is a device that keeps an automatic or self-winding watch running when it’s not worn. Unworn automatic watches will stop altogether if not kept in motion. And, if an automatic watch remains stopped for a prolonged length of time, it can become damaged. Similar to a car sitting in a garage for years without being driven, a watch needs to be wound and running to keep it functioning properly.

The Wolf Cub Watch Winder with Cover is a great option if you’ve got a single watch or small watch collection and are looking to invest in your first winder. The Cub series winders come in a wide array of color options and can accommodate most watch models and specifications, with a cuff designed to fit larger and heavier watches up to 52mm and bidirectional settings. As your collection grows, the Cub series easily stack together to suit your needs.

Wolf Roadster Series

watch accessories - 3 watch winder

If you’ve got a growing collection, you may want to invest in a single winder that can maintain multiple watches. The Wolf Roadster series offers options to hold up to eight watches in a single winder. What sets the Roadster series apart is its handsome design. The wooden dashboard style of classic cars inspired the solid wood construction of each winder. If you do plan to display your collection in your winder, the Roadster series is an excellent choice.

Wolf Viceroy Series

watch accessories - winder

Similar to the Roadster series, Wolf’s Viceroy series is another stunning option if you’ve got multiple watches in your collection or if you’re looking for a display piece to showcase you watches. Like the Roadster, the Viceroy series offers options to hold up to eight watches in a single winder. It also features a sophisticated all-black design that will perfectly complement and protect the beautiful timepieces in your collection.

Wolf Howard Watch Box

watch accessories - box

If you’ve got manual-winding watches without the need of a winder, it’s still a smart idea to store them in a clean and secure space, like a watch box. Wolf’s Howard series of watch boxes can house up to seven watches and are an elegant and stylish way to store your treasured timepieces in your home.

Wolf Blake Series

watch accessories - tray

If you wear your favorite watch daily and don’t need to keep it in a winder or watch box, you should still consider having a special place to put your watch when it’s not on your wrist. Wolf’s Blake collection offers excellent options to store your watch whether you’re at home or on the go. The Blake Valet Tray with Cuff features a dapper design that makes the perfect home for your watch when you take it off each day. Then, when you set off on your next business trip or well-earned vacation, the Blake Watch Roll makes the ideal companion to transport up to three watches.

Watch accessories are not just fancy ways to display a prized timepiece or the breadth of your collection. They can help to keep your timepieces safe, secure, and stored properly in your home and while you travel. If you’re having trouble deciding which watch winder or storage solution best accommodates your unique collection, we’re here to help!

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