Tips For Finding Your Watch Model Number

Our Quote Form asks for your watch model number so that we can give you as accurate of a quote as possible. The watch model number is often found on the back or side of your watch, unless it is a Rolex (see below). If you see multiple numbers on your watch, you can use the process of elimination and type each number into Google Images until you see your watch.

Note: If your photos are blurry, we recommend turning on your camera’s Digital Macro setting. This allows you to take close-up pictures without your photos becoming blurry. The digital macro symbol typically looks like this:  Consult your camera’s manual if you need further assistance finding its macro setting.

Here is an example for the location of a model number on the back of a TAG Heuer:

Here is an example for the location of a model number on the back of a Breitling:

Here is an example for the location of a model number on the back of a Breguet:

Breguet Transatlantique Model Number


On a Rolex, the model number (also known as a reference number or style number) is typically a 4-6 digit number that can be found in two ways: (1) on the watch itself, or (2) on the paperwork that came with the Rolex.

1) Finding The Model Number On The Watch Itself

The model number on a Rolex is normally located between the lugs that attach to your watch band. That means you need to remove the watch band to find the model number – which is completely safe, and not as daunting as it may sound. We recommend checking your paperwork for the model number (sometimes called the “Style Number” on a Rolex) before removing your watch band. The model number will be written in between the lugs at the 12 o’clock side of the watch. Do not get this confused with the 6 o’clock side of the watch where there may be a different number (usually the serial number, which is unique).


2) Check your watch’s paperwork for the model number.

If you have your watch’s original paperwork, check the section marked “Style Number.”

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  • I have a tissot seastar Quartz…made in swiss…my father bought it in 81 …REf nr t3 77010.020…and mov no 22826…how can i know it’s a real one and how much is it worth

    • Thank you for your question. The best way to know if your watch is real is to take it to a reputable watchmaker to have it authenticated. If you are interested in selling the watch and would like to consign it with us, you can submit a quote request at Thank you.

  • Hi I have a tag heuer grand carrera watch that says pendulum right next to the 3o’clock mark but I cant seem to find any numbers on it and needs a pin for the wrist band and it is black any way you could tell me a value for this watch thank you

  • I have a Movado Watch with two sets of numbers on the back. 87-27-862 and 978499. Can you tell me what it is worth?

  • Very useful. Thanks

  • I found the Serial # It’s k38852

  • hello, I have Paul Breguette watch and I believe the actual manufacturing company was Ebel. Its old 30’s-40s. and has 4 good size diamonds on it and is self winding.There is no model # that I can see. The casing is gold and the face is Pearl. I can;t find anything on the web that even looks simular and was wondering if doing a appraisal is worth it. Any insight would be appreciated

  • Where is the model number on a hublot usually found?

  • I have a Elgin National Watch factory watch. was hoping for a second appraisal or to see if anyone was interested in my watch ? was my great grand father’s and given to me.Info on it is listed below. thanks
    Serial Number: 4009215
    Estimated Production Year: 1891
    Run Quantity: 1,000
    Total Production: 31,000
    Size: 16s
    Jewels: 15j
    Movement Configuration: Hunting
    Movement Finish: Nickel
    Model: 3
    Class: 24
    Movement Setting: Lever
    Adjusted: Yes
    Railroad Grade: Yes

  • per your suggestion to type in model numbers on google images, my watch(panerai)and model numbers on back came up on a china based website called “” should i assume then that my watch is a replica?

    • Jack,

      The only way to definitively know whether or not your watch is authentic or a replica is to take it to a watchmaker. Sometimes, these replica websites use images of authentic watches, so you do not want to automatically assume that your watch is a replica.

  • I have a women’s Omega watch and do not know the model. The dial simply states “Automatic” and underneath that is the word “Chronometer”. The case back has the Omega symbol with the word Omega beneath that and then the number 49696634 under that. I have searched for a photo online but have been unable to find a similar watch. Where else can I find the model number or more information on this watch? Does this sound like the type of watch you company may buy? Thanks for your assistance!

  • I have a Geneve and a Club Zone Watch where are the model numbers located?

    • Hi Brandon,

      Universal Geneve watches do not always have the numbers located on the watch. But if it does, then the model number would be located on the caseback of the watch.

  • I have a baume and mercier watch .I dont have any papers but i do have the box.Im from India so how do i sell my watch?

  • would like to send more info when I can get the camera to work. It helps not to be sedated! (some serious dental work!) me, not the watch! There is only the #s 18k on the back. what is involved with making a appointment? ciao bill morgan
    706 969-9197

  • I have a 40 year old woman’s watch. Very small Longines with black face and small diamonds at the 12 and six spot. The band is 10k rolled gold and stainless steel back.

  • I have two Omega watches !-seamaster with a horse on the back. 2-A 14K gold on S/S automamtic With sweep second hand leather strap.a gift in 1952. I cant find a watchmaker on Cape Cod that can take off the back so i can get the numbers. I want to sell them both. Can you help?

    • Hi Charles,

      If you are interested in submitting a quote for these watches, you can just include a picture of each of the watches as well as the serial number and that should give us enough information to provide you with an accurate quote. If you have any more questions, feel free to call us at (800) 514-3750.

  • Hi name is Marvette.I have a Rolex watch here with me. I was looking up and down the watch to see if it has a style number. I didn’t see on at all .I do not have the watch information to find out weather there really is a style number. Does this means this is fake?

    • Marvette,

      This does not necessarily mean that your Rolex is a replica. The serial and reference numbers on Rolex watches are located on the lugs of the case. To find the numbers, you must remove the bracelet. If you are not comfortable removing the band yourself, take it to a local watchmaker and he can remove it for you!

    • I need a quote for my Chopard gold watch, gold bracelet Mod no 89774 and serial no 5029 purchased in 1976. Paper and box exist.

  • I have a Patek Philippe gold ladies watch with gold bracelet which was given to me as a gift many many years ago. I do not have the box or papers, where would I find the model number and serial number?

    • Hi Vivienne! Many times, the model number on Patek Philippe watches is located on the caseback of the watch. However, if it is not on the caseback, it is most likely located on the inside of the watch. If that is the case, the best thing for you to do would be to take your watch to a reputable jeweler. They can remove the caseback and locate the model number for you. Hope this helped!

  • I am in possession of a ladies cartier tank americaine, 18k white gold left by my mother. I have no paperwork on it or a box,…but it is still in working condition apart from normal wear. my parents initials were engraved on the back of the watch. does the engraving de-value the appraisal for the watch? curious…..

  • I have a Tag Heuer watch 934-308816 can any body tell me anything about it, it was my grandads. Just wanting to weather it is worth restoring it?

  • I have a Cartier watch that I am interested in selling. I do not know the style/name yet I was able to read the number on the back.
    I do not have any papers for this watch. Would you please inform me of it’s value today.
    Thnak you.

    • Hello Amy,

      The best way for us to give you a quote for your Cartier is for you to fill out a form on our Get A Quote page.

      Best Regards,
      Crown & Caliber