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NATHAN: Hey guys it’s Nathan with Crown & Caliber, and today we’re trying something a little different. We’re here with my colleague and good friend Alli, and up into this point you’ve pretty much only seen me and frankly my top half, and I actually do have legs. So, what we’ve decided to do is put together a three-watch collection for each of us. So, I picked out three watches for Alli and she did the same, and the idea is these are the last three watches you’re going to get. And we’re basically going to see how well we know each other or maybe how well we don’t know each other. But before we jump in, I’ll let Alli introduce herself and tell you a little bit about what she does.

ALLI: Awesome. Thanks. I’m Alli. I’m the manager of the client services team here at Crown & Caliber. So, I manage all of the people that you interact with either by chat email or phone. From the sales and procurement side. So if you’re buying or selling a watch you’ve probably chatted with somebody on my team.
NATHAN: I’m super excited to see what you picked out for me.
ALLI: Same.
NATHAN: So, I’ll give you my watches and
you can give me your watches. Sound good?
ALLI: Yep. Oh my gosh I’m so excited.
NATHAN: Alright here is yours. Let’s see what you pick out. Oh interesting.
ALLI: This is totally different than what I expected.
NATHAN: Yeah, I was excited to see what you would have picked, and I tried to be a little bit more inventive with some of mine. So, I’m excited to see why you picked some of these out.
ALLI: This is great.
NATHAN: You didn’t get to see them, but that was a reveal. We are definitely going to show them to you on screen, one by one, and them to you on screen one by one and you’ll get to see exactly what we picked out for each other so sit tight.

Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Duo Face
ALLI: This is the JLC Reverso Duo. Looks great on your
wrist by the way. I could wear that as well.
NATHAN: Oh, so you’re just picking out watches that you can borrow from me?
ALLI: Yeah, kinda, but this one I really liked as a dress watch with the white dial or the black dial since it reverses one way or the other. Most of the watches or all the watches I picked either have some kind of story, historical background and certainly style points. That’s usually where I go and lean first when I’m picking watches.
NATHAN: This is awesome. I can appreciate the JLC Reverso as far as what it’s done in history you know as one of the probably iconic rectangular watches, but it’s never really been something I’ve considered and I think for me that reversing mechanism means the case back is so flat that it doesn’t really work on my wrist, and I have only really looked at the Grandes the Reverso Grandes which are too big and I don’t think I would have picked out the smaller one, but on my wrist…
ALLI: It looks great.
NATHAN: It does. I mean that is the size that I would need to wear and it yeah. I’m thoroughly impressed by that. That looks awesome.
ALLI: Also, when I started here this was a watch that you went crazy for and that was almost three years ago, and I didn’t have a ton of watch experience when I started here so it certainly something that stuck out in my mind.
NATHAN: That’s awesome. Solid pick. This is a slightly older reference of the Duo Face. Did you know that? Leave it to me to know that.
ALLI: No nerd.
NATHAN: Yeah dork. I don’t think it can be your only watch.
NATHAN: But that’s why we have three.
ALLI: Right. And you really have four

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight
NATHAN: You know, that was smooth. All right up first for you is the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight.
ALLI: Okay. Thank you
NATHAN: There you go. So, my thought behind this is a great kind of base for a collection is some kind of sport watch or tool watch. I love the Black Bay Fifty-Eight because it is a hair smaller so it can wear well on a lot of different wrist sizes but never feels too small or too dainty. I also love the faux guilt as you’ll call it. So, you’ve got the gold indices, the gold hands, and then even the gold on the bezel. I think it’s great because then the mixture of both steel and gold kind of allows you to wear silver gold jewelry whatever you want.
ALLI: All my rings are platinum, but I usually have gold jewelry on.
NATHAN: All my rings are platinum.
ALLI: It’s true!
JONATHAN: Wow. Weird flex.
NATHAN: It’s just such a cool watch. It’s time only. You know it basically gets you that vintage watch at a fraction of the price. You’re not paying you know an exorbitant amount; you know. It’s not a cheap watch, but it’s not a vintage Sub that’s five times that. So that is the first watch for you.
ALLI: It’s great! It is a lot thinner.
ALLI: It’s a lower profile which I like.
NATHAN: Alright what’s up next?

OMEGA Speedmaster Apollo 11 35th Anniversary
ALLI: All right up next is the Omega Apollo 11 35th anniversary edition.
ALLI: Again, not something I think you would typically pick.
ALLI: But panda dials great I think it’s stylistically awesome. I mean it has the date. July 20th, 1969.
NATHAN: Oh. It does!
ALLI: It’s a cool like story piece.
ALLI: Again, story and style those are my two, as you like to describe them, true North’s. Obviously, a conversation piece. Manual wind and the Panda dial is just awesome. I mean you can’t really beat it. The bracelet super comfy. Great sport watch.
NATHAN: And it’s classic. It’s Speedy. I do love the Panda dial.
ALLI: And it’s not just a Speedy. I mean there’s some conversation to this. And I don’t mean just a Speedy. You know I love a Speedy, and on the back as well you can see.
NATHAN: Oh! It’s got an eagle! That’s pretty dope!
ALLI: A little inside ode to the office.
NATHAN: Yes. That’s amazing. Inside jokes from the office, but it does have a pretty awesome eagle on the back. That is a solid pick.
ALLI: And I know that is something you would not typically wear.
NATHAN: No, but that’s the beauty of this. It may be a little outside my wheelhouse or comfort zone but damn that Panda dial. That’s a solid one. And I do also love the maybe they’re rhodium plated hands instead of the traditional white Speedmaster hands. All the hands are… We’ll say, we’ll go with rhodium plated. Alright up next for you.
ALLI: What you got?

 IWC Pilots Watch Mark XV
NATHAN: So this right here. This is the watch that you’re going to end up wearing in the latter half of your life. This is the IWC Pilot Mark XV. You get a workhorse of a watch. You get a white dial. I think that can look just as great on pretty much any color NATO. So you could have like a regimental stripe, you could dress it up, dress it down. You could put it on a black leather band.
ALLI: It’s super clean
NATHAN: Yeah. So. Now you have a black dial and you have a white dial. So, your collection can be pretty diverse between bracelets, multiple strap options.
ALLI: I love it.
NATHAN:  And it’s just a little different. You’re not going to see that every day.
ALLI: Surprised.
ALLI: Surprised I like it as much as I like it, but it’s good.
NATHAN:  I didn’t even realize this…
ALLI: Oh God!
NATHAN: Until I saw in the sunlight. This has a blued seconds hand.
ALLI: Does it?!
NATHAN: Yeah. That watch begins to shine in its versatility.
ALLI: I do really like the white dial. The bracelet is…
NATHAN: I think the bracelet’s probably the most polarizing thing on that watch. Just because it does kind of reads almost as like a like a 90s just watch you would see someone wearing, you know. Like just the style of it, but I think the stark white dial, those painted on Arabic numerals, and then it does have a little touch with the indices are applied, the hour indices so it adds a little more dress than just the black dial. There’s a lot of things about it. And the date window on the white dial isn’t obtrusive.
ALLI: It’s a sleeper to me. Like wouldn’t have picked it for myself but I’m not mad you picked it for me.
NATHAN: There you go.

Tudor Submariner
ALLI: Okay. The last. You know I feel about vintage.
ALLI: It’s the best thing in the world for me, in my opinion. Here is the vintage Tudor Sub.
NATHAN: Oh baby!

ALLI: So this one I love. I remember it coming in. Still has the Rolex crown and the Rolex case back, which I think is just so special and I think for me when I look at watches, and certainly selecting them for someone else, which PS I would wear that. Having a story behind it is just so important for me and Tudor is the daughter company Rolex and still having the crown and the case back intact I think it’s so cool and not something you see every day. It’s hard to beat.
NATHAN: Yeah. This watch is awesome. I love what you mentioned about the Rolex crown and the Rolex case back. It adds to the story. Where it’s like, you see where this came from and you see like a time in history when Tudor maybe didn’t have it all together, and they were like relying on their bigger brother. And that’s just the cool thing where it’s like…
ALLI: But that’s life, right?
NATHAN:  Yeah. Where it’s like, why does this have Rolex parts? I love that and that’s yeah you give that to someone, and you get to explain something about this watch that they may not have known. Golly this thing’s great. Yeah and that patina, you’re right.
ALLI: The patina is ridiculous.
NATHAN: What’s interesting is sometimes you get so inundated you kind of forget that moment, and I think the practicality, in me, takes over and I would never pick this for myself.
NATHAN: Like I see it and I’m like yeah, I appreciate it. It’s awesome. I love it, but I’m not going to pick it for myself. I’m not going to wear that like day in and day out. I’m not, and then I put it on my wrist and I’m like oh yeah. Like it’s hard not to…
ALLI: It’s good.
NATHAN: it all made that it makes sense. It’s like you see why it is so sought after. So wouldn’t have picked it for myself but definitely number one.
ALLI: I was hoping when I picked this for you, since I didn’t share my pics until later…
ALLI: That you had picked that for me, but maybe you didn’t know me as well as I thought you did.

TAG Heuer Carrera 1964 Re-Issue
NATHAN: No! I think that’s an unfair statement. Alright here’s what I have last. This is the extra piece. So this is the TAG Heuer Carrera 1964 reissue. So, the Carrera kind of came back in style or I guess TAG Heuer brought it back in the mid 90s. It was a reissue of the original Carrera from 1964. 63/64 and this one is in an 18-karat yellow gold case. So I think, I think it’s awesome in so many ways. Here’s why: It’s extra!
ALLI: It. Is. The most extra.
NATHAN: Well no. There could definitely be more extra.
ALLI: I don’t know. For me this is pretty extra.
NATHAN: It’s extra, which I would describe Alli as extra, but it’s a smaller case. It’s like a 36, 37-millimeter case, so it’s not over-the-top. That works. It’s a chronograph which I think gold chronographs are just where it’s at. I think they strike an awesome balance. And the vintage charm is there. Like Heuer knocked it out of the park with this one.
ALLI: Yep.
NATHAN: Same size. It’s got an acrylic crystal, so you get this really cool manual wound movement. You get an awesome dial. Like I said one of the better…
ALLI: You can cut this out.
NATHAN: One of the better recreations. I think they just crushed it, and it’s just like it’s a firecracker of a watch. It’s awesome.
ALLI: It’s really good.
NATHAN: I think that one, I think that one describes you so well.
ALLI: I would say of the three this is probably the best description of me, but I hate to say a little embarrassed you describe me as extra.
NATHAN: I think it’s a fair description. I do.
ALLI: It’s pretty good. I mean it’s… I mean to be fair, pretty similar vein to what I wear daily.
NATHAN: Yeah. You wear a gold watch I was like I need to include a gold watch, and that one I was just like oh this is perfect. I saw this watch and I was like. Dude that watch is freaking awesome. Could you imagine me wearing this watch?
NATHAN: Exactly
ALLI: All of my watches that I’ve selected came from something they either could tell a story or had really great style points for myself. I mean I always try to go through the lens of style.
NATHAN: And I think a lot of the watches that I picked out are more on that nerdy side where that’s just kind of our personality difference. I think that shows through in both the watches we’ve picked for each other, but also the reactions that you get when you see like oh, I would not have picked that for myself, but I could totally see myself
wearing that. If I were picking watches myself that would not have been the
three, you know.

ALLI: What would your three have been?
NATHAN: I don’t know. Maybe that’s another video. Thanks for watching, let us know what you liked about our collections and you know I learned something about myself today. I learned maybe not to write off the JLC. So let us know about a watch that you
maybe have written off or an opinion you have on a watch and as always thanks for
watching bye guys.

ALLI: And dude! I’m not that extra.
NATHAN: You don’t think you’d describe yourself as extra?
JONATHAN: What color are your shoes?


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