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When you’re ready to buy your first Rolex, combing through all your options can be daunting. Classic or sporty? Steel, two-tone, or gold? Mid-size or large? Modern or vintage? The choices are almost endless. To simplify the decision of which is the best Rolex to

To own a Rolex watch is to own a status symbol. Associated with luxury and prestige, the Rolex watch’s high quality, tried-and-true design means that it holds its value well over time and makes an ideal investment piece. For example, the timeless design and reasonable

TAG Heuer, and Heuer before it, has achieved great success and popularity. The brand is known for its casual sort watches with racing DNA–many of its flagship models have been around since the 1960s–as well as its penchant for constantly innovating and updating its watch

“You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely hold it for the next generation.” Patek Philippe watches are made to last for decades—centuries, even. Exceptionally talented watchmakers spend long hours crafting each timepiece, assembling incredibly complex movements inside finely-crafted cases. Because of this unparalleled quality

As one of the most recognized luxury brands in the entire world, Rolex watches are easily identified, even by non-watch enthusiasts. Rolex has established its brand as one of excellence, tradition, and consistency. Rolex was the “first” at many things in the watch industry and

 Take a look at the two vintage watches above. Does your mouth immediately begin to water? You want them, don’t you? That is the affect that vintage watches are having on the faithful watch enthusiasts. As the nation’s preferred way to sell a luxury watch,