Sotheby’s Sells Two of the Most Expensive Clocks in the World

At it’s “Important Watches Spring Sale 2013,” Sotheby’s broke many records with their total sales amount reaching $28.4 million. One of the most surprising sales of the auction was Patek Philippe’s “The Magpie’s Treasure Nest Clock.” At the beginning of the auction, this clock was expected to sell for $380,000. However, the sale of this clock shattered expectations and sold for $2.31 million dollars! Four bidders were eager to purchase this clock, continuing to aggressively bid until it reached $2.31 million.

This clock was created in 1992 and has incredibly intricate designs and many valuable jewels. It has 18kt yellow gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, amethyst, agate, and mother-of-pearl. The clock is a quartz movement and has a mother-of-pearl face. The numerals are indicated with sapphires and the hands are covered in gold and diamonds. The tree is constructed from 18kt gold, as is the nest at the top of the tree. The flowers are colored agate stone and are adorned with rubies and diamonds. The petals are amethyst and the stamens of the flowers are set with rubies. The bird at the top of the clock carries a tanzanite stone from its mouth. With all of these beautiful and valuable stones, it is easy to see why this clock was in such high demand.

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Patek Clock

Patek Philippe Clock

Images from Sotheby’s.

Believe it or not, this is not the most expensive clock Sotheby’s has ever sold. That award goes to a clock designed by Breguet founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet. The Duc D’Orleans Breguet Sympathique was created in 1795 and has a detachable pocket watch. This clock was sold in 1835 for $6.8 million, becoming the most expensive clock in the world.

Abraham Louis Breguet Clock

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