Here Are Some of the Most Impressive Brands at Baselworld 2013

In addition to Arnold & Sons and Haldimann, there were several other brands in the Palace at Baselworld that left a lasting impression. These brands may not have the recognition of Rolex or Patek Philippe, but they are certainly capable of producing exquisite watches that are unique and unlike any other watch.

One of the  impressive watch brands that we met with at Baselworld was MB&F (Maximilian Busser & Friends). MB&F’s goal is to create a horological masterpiece each year. Maximilian Busser is the leader of this brand and leads a team of horological experts. Busser started his career with Jaeger LeCoultre, then moving to Harry Winston. In 2005, Busser decided to take his love of timepieces to the next level by making his own watches and starting a new brand. MB&F certainly made a statement at Baselworld 2013. One of its most memorable pieces is the MB&F MusicMachine.

MB&F Musicbox

To create this piece, MB&F partnered with REUGE, the premier music box maker in the world. The MusicMachine looks like a flying contraption from another world, which makes the following musical selections very appropriate. On the left cylinder, it plays selections from Star Wars, including the “Imperial March” and the theme song from Star Wars. On the right cylinder, it plays Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” and John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

There is nothing traditional about MB&F watches. From a MusicMachine to this MB&F HM3 Megawind that looks like a spaceship, MB&F watches will certainly turn some heads! The HM3 Megawind was one of the more unique watches at Baselworld. The two cones on the 22k gold dial display the hour on the left cone and the minutes on the right cone. However, it is the visible revolving rotor that really catches the eye. It slowly rotates on top of the hand-crafted movement. This watch comes in red gold with a red gold rotor, or in white gold with a sky blue rotor.

MB&F watch

Urban Jurgensen was also at Baselworld to impress. One of the watches that caught our eye was the Urban Jurgensen limited edition P8 watch with an enamel dial. The dial is 15mm thick and is made up of 15 layers of hand-applied enamel. The track and the Roman numerals are also hand-pianted. The blue hour and minute hands complement the dial. Like the original Urban Jurgensen P8 watch, this limited edition watch features the rare détente escapement.  

Urban Jurgensen limited edition P8 watch

Urban Jurgensen P8 with enamel dial

We also had the opportunity to take a look at the original Urban Jurgensen P8 watch that was released last year. The P8 watch features the rare détente escapement. The détente escapement is incredibly precise, but also very delicate. The issue with this feature is that it is very susceptible to shock and can cause a wristwatch to trip. With the introduction of the P8, Urban Jurgensen has created a watch with a détente escapement that is shockproof. The dial of the P8 is decorated with hand-applied guilloche. It is 42mm in diameter and has a power reserve of 88 hours. The P8 is available in rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

Urban Jurgensen P8

HYT, or Hydro Mechanical Horology, was another brand that caught our eye at Baselworld. HYT released its second watch at Baselworld, the H2. The H1 was the first hydro mechanical watch.  It features a 65-hour power reserve and a liquid time indicator that is moved by metallic pistons. When one piston compresses, the other expands. This movement causes the liquid inside of the capillaries to move around. These liquids display the time on the dial. One of the liquids is an aqueous fluid with fluorescein, while the other is a transparent viscous liquid. A meniscus marks the boundary between the two liquids, keeping them separate. The fluorescent liquid advances as the hours go by. At 18:00, it returns to its original position, going backwards.


As these brands prove, you don’t have to be well-known to create a luxury watch. The Palace at Baselworld had some of the greatest watches of the entire event. If you didn’t go through the palace, you truly missed out!
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