Seven New OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra Watches A watch collection designed to do it all.

Originally appeared on HODINKEE Aug. 11, 2020

by Logan Baker

It’s hard to imagine the OMEGA Seamaster collection today without the Aqua Terra’s presence. Since its 2002 debut, the Aqua Terra has anchored the Seamaster range as the go-to option for an everyday, casual sport watch. First introduced in 1948, the Seamaster was originally intended to be a simple, function-first watch that told time accurately and could handle the abuse of daily life, whether on sea or land. At some point in the mid-to-late 20th century, popular perception shifted, and the Seamaster became best known as OMEGA’s answer to the dive watch. The Aqua Terra brings the Seamaster family back to its roots – something that’s indicated right in its name: aqua and terra, Latin for “water” and “earth.”

The Aqua Terra line has been gradually refined and upgraded over the last 18 years, and it’s now fair to describe it as one of OMEGA’s most diverse collections. While the large number of variants that comprise it today differ in appearance, size, and the movement inside, they all remain at the halfway point between sporty and dressy design, with the straightforward functionality to be an ideal daily wear option. We’ve gathered seven of our favorite Aqua Terra models from OMEGA’s current line-up to add to the HODINKEE Shop today, and though a few of these are simply new color variants of the Aqua Terra design language you know quite well, others highlight the Aqua Terra profile with different dial finishes and the use of premium materials.

The OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial Master Chronometer 41mm

The most recent overhaul to the Aqua Terra happened in 2017, when OMEGA brought out a new horizontal dial design and introduced Master Chronometer-certified movements into the collection. The horizontal lining on the dial (which replaced the former vertical finish) is meant to recall the teak paneling found on the decks of luxury ocean liners, and the applied OMEGA logo and trapezoidal hour markers lend a defined sense of style. The case design is also now completely symmetrical, with zero lines interfering with the sleek caseband that stretches from each side of the case to the sloping lugs, which then connect seamlessly to the integrated-style stainless steel bracelet. The result is a clean and well-designed sport watch that is both highly wearable and easy on the eyes.

Although the two Aqua Terra models in 41mm that we’re adding to the HODINKEE Shop today share the same Master Chronometer caliber 8900 inside and an identical case profile, aesthetically they’re quite different. One has a clean, matte white dial brought to life through the use of bright orange on the seconds hand and at the poles on the chapter ring, while the other has a reflective blue dial and light blue accents for a seamless appearance. These are two clear-cut examples of the simple – yet dynamic – designs that have characterized the Aqua Terra range for years.

The OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial Master Chronometer 34mm And 38mm

Most of the larger Aqua Terra models share the same teak dial appearance in various color executions, but OMEGA starts experimenting with the Aqua Terra aesthetic once the diameters shrink. There’s still an automatic, Master Chronometer-certified movement ticking inside these smaller and thinner watches – and, yes, they’re still tested to 150 meters of water resistance – but OMEGA swaps out the identifiable horizontal pattern for more resplendent dial designs with a mixture of textures and the addition of precious metals and stones.

Available in either 34mm or 38mm diameters, this specific Aqua Terra has an opaline, layered dial that alternates between a textured and a matte finish to create a unique, wave-like appearance with a soft off-white hue. The hour markers, which are shaped to resemble a ship’s hull, and the handset are crafted from OMEGA’s proprietary Sedna gold. The warmth of the gold accents and the layered dial design feels both classical and modern, while the screw-down crown and stainless steel bracelet ensure that the watch can handle everyday use.

OMEGA changes things up a bit with the above Aqua Terra in 34mm, which shares the same classic Aqua Terra case and Master Chronometer caliber 8800, but adds a glossy blue dial with an attractive finish that recalls stars in the night sky. A circular date aperture is placed at six o’clock, while diamond hour markers dot the remaining hour positions. It’s a low-key and luxurious take on the Aqua Terra look.

The OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Quartz 28mm

OMEGA has invested heavily in expanding its in-house mechanical movement production over the past two decades, but it continues to produce some top-of-the-line quartz movements as well. The caliber 4061 that OMEGA utilizes in this pair of Aqua Terra 28mm models is proprietary to the brand, featuring a circular grained decoration and rhodium-plated parts. The movement was developed to optimize battery life, with a remarkable 48 months of running autonomy. Two of the quartz-powered Aqua Terra watches are joining the HODINKEE Shop today, each with a special dial finish.

Although the quartz movements inside these watches are decidedly different from what’s found in the larger, automatic Aqua Terra variants, the collection’s identifiable case profile has been translated to smaller dimensions in precise detail. The sleek caseband runs uninterrupted along the side of each watch, connecting to the sloping lugs that ensure a seamless fit on smaller wrists. A three-link steel bracelet integrates directly into each watch’s lugs, while a polished bezel neatly frames each dial.

OMEGA has removed the date window on these sub-30mm executions to preserve dial real estate and to highlight each one’s unique finish. Of the two new models in the HODINKEE Shop, one has an attractive mother-of-pearl dial with 12 diamonds marking each hour, while the second features a sunburst ice-blue dial with an intermix of four diamonds and eight rhodium-plated markers for the hours.

Discover The OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra Collection In The HODINKEE Shop

The Aqua Terra is now an essential part of the Seamaster’s extensive history. It balances a modern aesthetic and state-of-the-art movements with the collection’s historic everyman leanings, all while offering a range of designs for watch enthusiasts of all types. You can learn more and discover the rest of the OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra collection in the HODINKEE Shop today, right here.

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