The Ryder Cup You May Not Know

The Ryder Cup is on many people’s bucket list, and rightfully so. It’s a special time, with a competitiveness that goes deeper than any other golf tournament. Instead of cheering for an individual player–as is typical in other golf tournaments–you cheer for either the USA or Europe. This evokes an incredible sense of national pride and makes it that much more enjoyable to attend.


We spent the day at Hazeltine with renowned photographer Jason Heaton, taking in the sights and getting into the Team USA spirit. Here are our impressions of the Ryder Cup after spending the day at Hazeltine.


1. The passion is real

The fans at a Ryder Cup event are unlike those at any other event. The passion is evident—and displayed through the various wardrobe ensembles chosen by each patron. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Massive amounts of drinking can lead to creative wardrobe decisions.
  • America!
  • Nicknamed “Sweet Pants” by the Hazeltine security guard, our friend Jason Heaton is always on the lookout for the perfect shot.
  • This is Minnesota where hockey is king—even at a golf tournament.
  • No slave to fashion. Notice his wife is walking behind him. This was the case with many married couples at the Ryder Cup.


2. There were some awesome watches

We couldn’t help ourselves, but we went watch spotting. Here are a few we saw.

  • Proof that quartz can be cool.
  • Didn’t have the heart to tell this guy his Patek was fake. He went on about how it was given to him by a good friend. Figured we would leave that one alone.


3. And also plenty of non-golf stuff

So you aren’t a golfer—not a problem. Here are some of the cool things to do while you’re there:

  • Opening Ceremonies: Yes, the Ryder Cup ceremony is special for many reasons: tradition, legacy, etc. However, our favorite part was hearing the Minnesota National Guard play “Hard to Handle” by the Black Crowes.
  • Mercedes Performance Center: Check out the new line-up from Mercedes. These guys even set up a miniature golf course—not bad.
  • OMEGA: Pretty cool set up with OMEGA. They brought out a great line-up and also unveiled their new Ryder Cup watch—pretty nice
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