Rolex Sues Brooklyn Deli Shop For Copyright Infringement

We all know that Rolex is very protective over its trademark. Rolex will go through some extreme measures to ensure that the Rolex trademark is protected and that it has full control over who uses its name. Rolex only allows a small number of authorized dealers to sell Rolex watches and it also bans the importation of Rolex watches into the United States. However, this next action seems to be a bit extreme. Rolex is suing a Brooklyn deli shop. The NY Daily News is reporting that Rolex Watch U.S.A. is suing a local deli shop for copyright infringement. Rolex claims that the name of the deli, “Roll-x”, is too similar to “Rolex” and people might confuse the two and assume that there is a relationship between the two establishments. The owner of “Roll-x” named the store after his love for Rolex watches. However, this love may not be as strong as it once was, since the owner is being fined $500 per day until he changes the name of his store. While there is hardly any chance that one would confuse the goods of each brand, the names are very similar and “Rolex” wants no relation to “Roll-x.” Rolex does not want customers of the Roll-x deli to assume that the deli sandwiches posses the same qualities as a Rolex watch.

Rolex vs Roll-x

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