The Rolex Philosophy: The Rolex Way

According to Forbes, Rolex is one of the top 100 most influential brands in the world. Worth over $7 billion, it is obvious that Rolex is doing something right that sets it’s product and service a part from other brands in the industry. If you ask Rolex what exactly it is that makes the company different, it will tell you that it’s not something that can be described with one world. It is a way of doing things that sets Rolex apart. It is the Rolex Way.

Rolex is known for it’s innovation, tradition, performance, excellence, and many other great characteristics. But it takes more than just one of these words to describe the brand which is why the Rolex Way perfectly describes the reasons that this watch brand is so special. Rolex has recently begun a marketing campaign that describes the Rolex way. This campaign is comprised of three new videos: The Rolex Way, Made in Switzerland, and Tested to Extremes (all posted at

The Rolex Way

The Rolex Way video stresses that the words “tradition,” “innovation,” “enduring,” and “limitless” are all true of the brand, but are not strong enough words to describe what it is that makes Rolex such a special brand. The only term that can do justice for the Rolex brand is the “Rolex Way.”

Rolex- Made in Switzerland

Rolex stresses the importance of creating high quality timepieces. This video says that the only way that Rolex can ensure that their watches are of the highest quality is to make them all in the Rolex facilities in Switzerland. Rolex has the highest standards of excellence and keeping a close watch on the production of it’s watches is the best way to ensure excellence. Throughout it’s history, Rolex has had over 400 patents and all of the essential parts of the watches are made in house in the Rolex facilities in Switzerland.

Tested to Extremes

Rolex boasts that it’s watches are some of the highest performing watches in the industry. To ensure that their watches can live up to this claim, Rolex tests it’s watches to the extreme. Submitted to a series of extreme tests, Rolex watches will endure situations that they could easily encounter, as well as extreme situations that are likely to never encounter, so to prove that these Rolex watches could handle any situation thrown their way. These rigorous tests can include tests to test their ability to perform deep under the sea, high on top of any mountain, and their ability to withstand great amounts of shock.

As you can tell, using just one or two words to describe Rolex watches will not do the brand justice. The Rolex Way encompasses all for which the brand stands: precision, excellence, quality, innovation, and so many other characteristics. It describes the countless hours of testing that each Rolex watch must endure as well as all of the time that must to into assembling these Swiss made watches. The Rolex Way perfectly describes this one of a kind luxury watch brand.

Take a look at all three of these new Rolex videos here.

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