The 1950s saw the emergence of intercontinental air travel resulting to globetrotters traveling through many different time zones. The Rolex GMT Master watch was created in 1954 to assist these travelers in keeping track of the time in both their home time zone as well as the local time. GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time which is located in Greenwich London and marks the original median which sets the time zones around the world. All aviation planning was required to use GMT time, making the Rolex GMT Master an indispensable tool for all pilots and frequent fliers. Here is a quick review of the Rolex GMT Master:

The Rolex GMT Master has a 24-hour hand that shows a second time zone and also differentiates between day and night. The bezel has two colors and can be red and blue or the new blue and black. The 24-hour rotatable bezel can also help the wearer keep track of a third time zone. The Rolex GMT-Master has a rugged, sturdy build with a diameter of 40mm. However, it can also function as a dress watch.
Rolex GMT Master 1675

This Rolex GMT Master 1675 features a “Pepsi” rotating bezel.

Production of the GMT-Master II began in the early 1980s and production of the original GMT Master ceased in the early 1990s. The original GMT Master was only offered with a stainless steel bracelet. The Rolex GMT Master II is offered in stainless steel, 18kt yellow gold, and with a two-tone bracelet. Besides the material of the watch, the appearance of the Rolex GMT Master and the GMT Master II is almost identical. The major difference between the two models is the movement. The movement inside of the Rolex GMT Master II has the ability to change the hour hand to a new time zone without stopping the GMT hand, minutes, or second hand. The movement is a caliber 3186. It is self-winding, chronometer certified, and completely manufactured by Rolex. Another innovation that is featured in the Rolex GMT Master II is the Parachrom Hairspring. While most watches are vulnerable to magnetic fields and other shocks, Rolex invented this hairspring, which is made of a paramagnetic alloy. Thinner than a human hair, it is ten times more resistant to shock than the average hairspring and is not affected by magnetic fields.

Rolex GMT Master II 16760

This Rolex GMT-Master II 16760 has a diameter of 40mm and features a “Coke” bezel.


In 2005, Rolex developed the cerachrom bezel, which is virtually scratch-proof and is not affected by exposure to sunlight, allowing it to keep its vibrant colors. Both this bezel and the monobloc bezel have anti-corrosion properties and are extremely hard materials.

The Rolex GMT Master and Rolex GMT Master II are both incredible watches with useful innovations. This watch perfectly combines innovation, functionality, quality, and precision.

The resale value of the Rolex GMT Master can vary but are often rewarding because of their high quality. If you’re a Rolex GMT Master owner you can request a quote for the resale value of your watch from Crown & Caliber.

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