Review of the HD3 Slyde Touchscreen Watch

Slyde watches masterfully combine the high standards of luxury Swiss watchmaking with the innovation and technology of the modern day. Like the traditional Swiss luxury watch, Slyde watches are of the highest quality and are Swiss made. What immediately sets them apart from the typical Swiss luxury watch is its trademarked curved sapphire crystal touch screen. HD3 has a long reputation of creating high-tech mechanical watches, but the Slyde watch is unlike any other thing the brand has ever created. HD3 CEO, Jorg Hysek, the former owner of Hysek watches, recently had an interview with Ariel Adams and stated that “the SLYDE by HD3 opens up a whole new dimension in watchmaking by providing the first progressive and personalized watch display.”

One of the greatest things about the Slyde HD3 watch is that it appeals to a wide range of people, not just watch enthusiasts. The high-quality, Swiss made aspect of the watch makes it appeal to the tradition watch enthusiast, while the technical, digital aspect of the watch appeal to the tech enthusiasts.

We recently had the pleasure of selling a Slyde HD3 watch for one of our customers and the watch received a great amount of attention. It is in excellent condition and is functioning properly. Here are a few pictures:

HD3 Slyde

HD3 Slyde Charging HD3 Slyde Clasp HD3 Slyde Side HD3 Slyde USB

The diameter of the titanium case has a width and height of 47mm. The touchscreen is a curved sapphire crystal. Because it is curved, it fits nicely on the wrist. The rubber strap is in excellent condition and gives the watch a sporty look. Its electronic movement is in excellent condition and the watch comes with a USB drive and a charging station.

While electronic, digital watches like the HD3 Slyde watch will never replace the traditional, Swiss made luxury watch, digital watches such as these have the opportunity to attractive a whole new generation of watch enthusiasts.

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