What do Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin, and King Edward IV’s watches have in common?

Churchill, Darin, and King Edward IV’s watches were all made by Dent, the same company that built Big Ben. A Dent timepiece was actually Churchill’s first watch. The horologists at Crown and Caliber agree: Dent’s new watches, the Dent Ministry Evolution and Dent Ministry Chronographs, are things of beauty.
18k Rose Gold

Elegant and sophisticated, the Dent Ministry Chronograph comes in several different styles. Above is the 18k rose gold variant, clocking in at $27,600. The platinum version retails for an even greater price and sports a black dial:
Dent Ministry Chronograph

Below is the Dent Ministry Evolution, a steel variant of the Dent Ministry Chronograph:

The Dent brand’s history is rich, and it continues to make a name for itself today. In 2007, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh unveiled the new Dent platform clock at St. Pancras International Station, further engraining Dent’s history as a chief London architect.

One could argue that Dent is the timekeeper of London. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

A special thank you to A Blog to Read for the inspiration for this article.

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