Two Important Measurements For Changing Your Watch’s Look

One of the fun and exciting benefits of a luxury watch is its ability to add flair to your look. If you have a model with an interchangeable bracelet or strap, it’s a particularly great way to vary your style. Before understanding how to change a bracelet or strap, you need to choose the best band for your watch. Watches, bracelets, and straps come in all different shapes and sizes. As a result, they’re not all compatible. When you’re ready to invest in a new bracelet or strap, you need to ensure you pick the right one. This entails just a few simple measurements to guarantee you get the best bracelet or strap for your model.

Measuring Case Size

There are two key parts of the watch you need to measure before changing your strap: the case and lugs. First, let’s delve in to measuring case size; men’s watches are typically 38 mm to 45 mm, while women’s cases usually measure 35 mm or less. Most watches come with a specified case size in millimeters. However, when it comes to changing your bracelet or strap, it’s important to be completely certain of your case size. When you measure a round watch case, you’re measuring the diameter, not including the crown or any pushers. The crown is typically located at the three-o’clock position. Therefore, it’s best to measure the case from either the two-o’clock to the eight-o’clock position or the four-o’clock to the ten-o’clock position. Start by doing your best to align the ruler with one edge of the watch case. Then, simply read the measurement. Be sure to do so right at the opposite edge of the case and not at an angle.

Measuring Lug Width

Determining your case size is more straightforward. However, when it comes to changing your strap, the most essential measurement is lug width. The lugs are the two points that stick out from either side of the watch case and allow the case to attach to the bracelet or strap. The lug width is the space between the two lugs, which will help you determine the width of the bracelet or strap you need for your watch. Just as you did with the watch case, you should measure the lug width in millimeters. It’s also important to note that you should not measure the width from the outer edge of the lugs. Instead, you’ll be measuring the inner space between the lugs. To do so, simply use your ruler to carefully and precisely determine the width between the inner edges of the lugs.

Finding the Right Bracelet or Strap for Your Watch

Once you have these two crucial measurements, you can find the right bracelet or strap for your watch. However, there’s one other factor to take into consideration. When it comes to straps, there are two primary types: straight and tapered. As the name suggests, a straight strap is straightforward. It’s the same width for the entire length of the strap. On the other hand, a tapered strap is just that. The widest point will be where it attaches to the case at the lugs. Then, it will taper or become narrower toward the buckle. As you shop for a new bracelet or strap, keep these styles in mind as you cross-reference your measurements.

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