Expert: “Market moving sale.”

The Heuer 100 watch collection was ready for its close up. The Crown and Caliber Trunk Club event in Manhattan Thursday night drew raving reviews from a wide variety of attendees. More than a hundred Heuer fans turned out to see this once in a lifetime collection. “This is fantastic,” admitted Trey Geier, a twenty-something acoustic engineer from Midtown. “To see all these beautiful watches in one place, it’s amazing,” he added. Knowledgeable Heuer bloggers and new collectors alike agreed this was a special evening. “To have this many diamonds in the rough in one place is kind of unprecedented,” declared Heuer Instagrammer Josh Shanks. His enthusiasm for the Heuer 100 sale didn’t stop there, adding that it’s “a market moving sale” and that “depending on the results, it could potentially alter the market for vintage Heuers.” 


Crown and Caliber CEO Hamilton Powell spent the day at the Trunk Club townhouse discussing the timepieces with the media and assembled collectors. Powell contends that a Heuer event draws a more diverse crowd than any other brand. He thoroughly enjoyed the variety among attendees, commenting that, “You have a guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt standing next to a guy in a $6000 suit, so that’s kinda fun.” Crown and Caliber have been preparing this collection for quite some time. According to Powell, “We spent the last twelve months secretly and quietly accumulating not just 100 Heuers, but 100 of the right Heuers.” The effort was clearly worth it. Next to Powell was a Monaco Dark Lord, a one-off piece from 1975 expected to bring over $50,000.


Powell’s personal favorite among the Heuer 100 collection was a stopwatch used in the Indianapolis 500. “If you smell it,” he said with a grin, “you can still smell the oil.” And he was right. The Heuer 100 sale officially begins at noon EST on September 19th.  View the entire collection before the event starts by visiting today.

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