Grand Seiko Watches – A Roundup of Favorites

The Grand Seiko catalog is packed with so many great models that it’d take a year to cover them all. The company’s watches are versatile and are all exercises in modern designs without betraying the precision and heritage that characterizes high-end watches coming out of Japan. To celebrate Grand Seiko joining the Crown & Caliber family of watches, we’ve chosen seven of our favorites from the company’s limited collection to share with you here. These are all models that you can find on our site, and they all feature advanced movements and versatile designs. Let’s dive in.



The Grand Seiko SBGR261 is a great example of the watches that have made the company such a legendary presence. With its cream dial, high level of legibility, and date window, the SBGR261 could easily be worn as a sports watch or as a daily driver. It’s also got highly polished surfaces and elegant lines, so it’s just as at home with a suit or in the boardroom. That flexibility and quality are hallmarks of Grand Seiko’s watches, including the SBGR261. The watch carries a Caliber 9S65 movement, which features a 72-hour power reserve and accuracy of +10/-1 seconds per day.



The SBGA011, commonly known as the “Snowflake,” is one of the best-known watches in Grand Seiko’s catalog. The textured white dial, classic 40mm size, and 100 meters of water resistance make the Snowflake a timepiece for all occasions. It features a 9R65 spring drive movement with a power reserve of 72 hours. On top of that, the case is made from titanium, which allows it to be super strong while remaining feather-light. Because of its popularity, the Snowflake is one of the most in-demand Grand Seikos around. Its successor, the SBGA211 Snowflake is nearly identical, but features new branding on the dial from Grand Seiko. Either watch is an excellent everyday wear, and either would make a solid foundation for a growing watch collection.



Believe it or not, there’s a quartz watch on our list. The Grand Seiko SBGX339 is an insanely capable dive watch with a rugged case, modern design, and a marvel of a movement. The Grand Seiko 9F61 movement is accurate to within +10/-10 seconds per year. So, there’s no worry that it will need to be reset. The 43.6mm case also features a water resistance rating of 200 meters, a screw-down crown, sapphire crystal, and a clean dial design that is devoid of a date window. The yellow accents and large hands might not be for everyone, but the SBGX339 offers ultimate legibility. It also has a modern design that helps it stand out from the crowd.



Anyone would be forgiven for looking at the SBGE209’s dial and getting stuck there, never to care about any of the watches numerous other features. It’s a gorgeous, textured white dial with a depth that gives the watch an intricate, elegant look. A 9R66 spring drive movement beats away under the hood, while a solid 100-meter water resistance rating keeps everything dry. Grand Seiko also endows the SBGE209 with strong antimagnetic properties. This makes it ideal for people who work in industrial settings or around large machines that produce magnetic fields. Making the watch even more special is its compact 39mm case size, which makes it comfortably wearable on a large variety of wrists.



There’s nothing particularly special about the SBGR255, but in a way that’s what makes it noteworthy. The watch features a subdued design with a plain white dial, Zaratsu polished case, and 9S55 movement. Those features combine with classic dimensions and a 100-meter water resistance to make the SBGR255 a solid daily-wear watch. It’s also got a 72-hour power reserve. Plus, an accuracy rating of +10/-1 seconds per day to keep its wearer on time and on the move.



Grand Seiko released the SBGP007 on its 60th anniversary. The watch features a 9F85 quartz movement that allows the ability to adjust the hour hand without stopping the seconds hand. As a result of that advanced movement, the SBGP007 is accurate to an astonishing +/- 5 seconds per year. The watch also brings a restrained, classy design to the table with its sunburst blue dial and red seconds hand. Like all Grand Seiko watches, the SBGP007 is elegantly designed with Zaratsu polishing, versatile 40mm case sizing, and a bracelet that can stand up to any activity.



Hand-wind watches might not be as popular as they once were, but there are still plenty of them around, and still plenty of companies willing to put the effort into making excellent timepieces with the movements. Grand Seiko did just that with the SBGW231. It features a 9S64 manual winding movement with a 72-hour power reserve. Its 37mm case size makes the watch wearable on a large variety of wrist sizes. Plus, it helps it slide under dress cuffs for trips to the office. When not in the boardroom, the SBGW211 can handle the nightlife, but it’s best when it stays dry, as it is only rated as being splash resistant.

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