Easy Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Luxury Watch

Wear and tear on your watch is inevitable. If you are a true watch enthusiast, you most likely wear your watch every day. The purpose of purchasing a luxury watch is to enjoy the watch. It cannot be enjoyed if it is not being worn. However, constant wear can cause wear and tear on the watch. Here are just a couple of tips to follow to help lessen the damage to your watch:

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to your watch is water damage. Many watch wearers think that water damage is unpreventable and it just goes along with wearing a watch. However, one of the main causes of water damage is when watch wearers do not screw down the watch crowns. A screw-down crown is necessary for any true diving watch because it provides extra security against water damage. Oftentimes, wearers do not completely screw in the crown on their watch, which allows moisture into the watch, whether it is moisture from taking the watch diving or moisture from humidity. Having a screw-down crown has many benefits. One of the main advantages is to a screw-down crown is that is prevents the crown from accidentally being pulled out. The will prevent the date and time be being inadvertently changed. Also, if the crown is unknowingly pulled out, it allows moisture to enter into the watch case. Dirt and moisture are able to enter into the case and can form and abrasive paste that can scratch the dial and hinder the movement of the watch. Another advantage to having a screw-down crown is that it offers a sturdier and stronger connection to the watch than a simple stem crown.

Here is a great example of how water can damage the dial of your watch. Notice that the hands on this Baume & Mercier are scratched and there is dirt on the date.

Baume 2

Baume Hands

Another way to prevent unnecessary damage to your watch is to be wary of the damage that a non-original bracelet can cause. Oftentimes, watch owners replace the original bracelet with a bracelet that may not fit perfectly to the watch, which will can damage to the lugs. Here is an example of a Rolex watch that has been damaged by a non-original band. The owner replaced the Rolex bracelet with a speidell band. The springs at the ends of the band has scratched the lugs on this Rolex.




Another easy way to prevent damage to your watch would be to store it properly. When you are not wearing it, place it in it’s watch box. This will help to protect it from further damage.



Obviously, there are so many more things that you can do to prevent wear and tear on your luxury watch. These are just a few of the issues that we have come across this week. As a watch enthusiast, you will most likely wear you watch very often. As a result, your watch will inevitably suffer some wear and tear. It gives it character! But there are ways to prevent too much wear and tear. Hope these tips helped! Here are a couple more articles to help you care for your watch:

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