[VIDEO] Wearable Tech: C&C Reviews the Chronos

We’ve documented the hype surrounding the release of the Apple Watch—we’ve even done the comparisons. We’ve witnessed the rising competition for wrist space from smart devices like the Fitbit. We’ve even fielded all the comments that smartphones have replaced the watch as a primary means of telling the time. And yet, we still think the mechanical wristwatch is far from irrelevant in a world that has become increasingly dependent on all this technology.

Thanks to Chronos, the traditional mechanical watch for everyday wear now has a handy little device that turns it into a smartwatch. No need to sacrifice looks and function—now you can have both.

And being the watch nerds we are, we needed to get our hands on a Chronos and try it out. We wore the Chronos for about two weeks, trying it out on watches of various shapes and sizes, and our verdict: it’s discreet, it fits well on watches as small as 38-39mm (like the Rolex Explorer), and it connects seamlessly with our phones via Bluetooth.

Want to get your hands on a Chronos? You can find it for only $99.99 on their site.


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