Candy and Watches – A Valentine’s Pairing

Our Top Matches of Timepieces and Treats

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If watches aren’t part of the celebration with your special someone, is it even love? There’s only one thing more essential on Valentine’s Day than the gift of a fine timepiece: candy.

The history of Valentine’s Day dates all the way back to Roman times. However, giving the gift of candy is a more recent tradition. Valentine’s Day customs as we know them began in the 1840s. Around that time, the holiday became a celebration of romantic love, with couples exchanging cards and gifts. Enter Richard Cadbury of the iconic British confectionery manufacturer. The company had just perfected their chocolate making techniques and debuted what they called “eating chocolate.” They delivered the scrumptious treats in elaborately decorated packages, and the box of chocolates was born.

Watches and candy – is there a more perfect pairing? We think you’ll be hard-pressed to find one. That’s why this year, in celebration of the day of love, we’ve compiled our favorite watch and candy pairings.

Conversation Hearts & The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Conversation Hearts are the second most popular Valentine’s Day confection, following closely behind chocolates. Their history dates back to the mid-1800s. Though they weren’t the first candy to feature a written message, Conversation Hearts were ahead of their time. Each year, there’s thoughtful attention put into the words and phrases that appear on the iconic treats. For centuries, they’ve captured snapshots of the colloquialisms of the era. Today, we see this catchy trend emulated in graphic tees, memes, and the like.

When we think of a watch that was ahead of its time, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak immediately comes to mind. When the model first debuted in 1972, it was totally unconventional. Yet, it went on to define the luxury sport watch category. Soon after, countless brands created their own models in the same vein, with angular bezels and integrated bracelets.

Hershey’s Kisses & The Rolex Submariner

Hershey’s Kisses are a staple among American candies. The brand first introduced the chocolates in 1907. Soon, they became one of the most popular confections on the market. There’s something charming and timeless about the Kisses’ unique yet classic design that makes them simply irresistible.

One of the most classic watch brands of them all is arguably Rolex. If we had to identify one model that’s a staple of the manufacturer’s collection, it’d be the Submariner. This watch is one of the most instantly recognizable models among watch veterans and novices alike. Since its launch in 1953, its design has remained largely unchanged. The Submariner has set the standard for tool watches and withstood the test of time.

Hershey’s Hugs & The Tudor Heritage Black Bay

More than 75 years after the debut of the Hershey’s Kiss, the brand introduced the Hugs in 1993. The cousin of the Kiss is controversial among fans of the original. Many die-hard fans view Hugs as inferior to its all-milk chocolate predecessor. Still, there are others who prefer the inventiveness of the white and milk chocolate-swirled variation. The two will forever be stacked up against one another.

If Rolex is the Hershey’s Kiss then Tudor is without a doubt the Hershey’s Hugs. Both brands hail from the mind of the legendary Hans Wilsdorf. Tudor came 40 years after Rolex and was immediately placed under scrutiny by Rolex devotees. The belief that Rolex was superior continued for decades. It’s only been in recent years that Tudor has exerted their own unique presence in the industry. Today, they’ve finally garnered the recognition they’ve long deserved. This is largely in part to the development of their own in house movements. You can find them in models like the Heritage Black Bay.

Reese’s Hearts & The Omega Speedy Reduced

H.B. Reese, founder of his namesake brand, started his career in confections with Hershey’s. He was so inspired by the work he did there that he decided to set out on his own. In 1928, he began selling chocolate and peanut butter treats he simply called peanut butter cups or “penny cups.” Since then, the candy has also become his namesake. For each holiday, Reese’s take many forms – of course, in heart shapes for Valentine’s Day.

The Reese’s is equally as classic as the Hershey’s Kiss. However, knowing the connection between the two brands, we like to think of Reese’s as a Hershey with a twist. Similar to the Submariner’s place in the Rolex catalog, the Speedmaster is an icon for Omega. The Speedmaster Reduced is just one variation of the model. It features a slightly smaller size, different dial layout and an automatic movement as opposed to a manual.

Sweetarts Hearts & The Cartier Santos Demoiselle and Roadster

Sweetarts made their debut in 1963. The Sunline Candy Company created the sweet and sour treats as a less messy variation of the Pixy Stick. The recipe follows the same basic formula resulting in similar colors and flavors as its powdered predecessor. Like Reese’s, Sweetarts have taken different shapes over the years, with heart versions emerging around Valentine’s Day.

The Cartier brand instantly elicits feelings of love and romance. They also feature watches with an array of bright colors and shapes, just like Sweetarts. Two ladies’ Cartier models caught our eye for our watch and candy match up. The Santos Demoiselle with a purple dial is a one stunning option. The ladies’ Roadster with a pink dial is another beautifully feminine model.

Box of Chocolates & The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Retrograde Day Date

The box of chocolates is the oldest and first Valentine’s Day candy. It established a trend in the confectionary market and set the tone for all the popular treats that have followed. It’s safe to say the holiday wouldn’t quite be the same without candy. For that, we have the box of chocolates to thank.

Like Cadbury, there’s one brand who played a large part in establishing the luxury watch industry as we know it. Vacheron Constantin is the oldest continuously producing watch manufacturer, first established in 1755. The Patrimony is the brand’s flagship collection. Just like chocolates come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the model is available in a number of iterations. One example is the Patrimony Retrograde Day Date.

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